Sony's back: shifting from "recovery to profitable growth" -- 380 new PS3 games

Howard Stringer -- Sony Corp's CEO and man with the plan -- just exited stage-left from Sony's annual shareholder meeting in Tokyo. To say that the 6,000 attendees were skeptical of said plan would be an understatement given a year of fiscal losses, job cuts, PS3 under-performance (with an eventual Kutaragi dismissal), and an embarrassing and dangerous recall of some 10 million batteries among other missteps. Still, Howard stood strong, assuring investors that Sony has made the swtich from "recovery to profitable growth" and will be a "dominant company" in the digital age. So what's the plan?

Certainly, much of the growth will stem from their lineup of Bravia flat panels, cameras, and new, hot-gastic Sony-Ericsson phones. While, Stringer owned-up to the fact that they ceded portable music dominance to Apple, he went on to say that "We have worked very hard to catch up so that in the age of video we will not suffer as much as we did in audio." Sony also announced an additional 380 PS3 games (compared to the 100 currently available) set to roll before the end of March, 2008: more than 200 packaged software titles and another 180 or so launching over the Internet. All considered, Sony President Ryoji Chubachi forcasts a $2.7 billion profit at the end of the current fiscal year. Good to hear. Sure, as disgruntled Walkman-era fan-bois we tend to bitch and moan the most about Sony's misfortunes. But make no mistake son, a strong Sony is good for all of consumer electronics. So good luck to ya Howie, we've got your back.

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