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ThinkSecret "confirms" 3.5-inch touchscreen iPod with hard drive

ThinkSecret "confirms" 3.5-inch touchscreen iPod with hard drive
Paul Miller
Paul Miller|@futurepaul|September 4, 2007 2:06 PM
ThinkSecret is tooting its own horn with a supposed confirmation they've obtained of an iPhone-sized (3.5-inch), hard drive-based, touchscreen iPod -- ThinkSecret started talking up a touchscreen iPod 20 months ago, and apparently all that blind rumoring is finally paying off. This contradicts reports of there being flash memory in the device, and is the first time we've heard anyone sound so confident about the 3.5-inch screen size -- though it seems likely that Apple will want to use the same screen as the iPhone for bulk ordering and familiar components -- but otherwise there aren't many surprises. ThinkSecret expects up to 120GB of storage on the 1.8-inch HDD, and sees WiFi as a definite possibility, but doesn't think the reports about internet radio are too on-target. And of course, the iPod nano is supposed to go QVGA, with video playback and up to 12GB or 16GB of storage. We'd make our usual assurances of all being found out tomorrow, but in reality we're just one day away from the next round of rumors beginning, so it's a small comfort.
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