Samsung announces 1.8-inch 120GB disk for UMPCs and perhaps, iPods

Oh Samsung, you and your obsession with the "world's biggest" puts even Jersey girls to shame. Chalk-up two more this morning with the world's highest capacity 1.8- and 2.5-inch hard disk drives. We already knew they were working a 250GB version of their 2.5-inch, SATA 1.5Gbps (and PATA) SpinPoint M5 spinning at 5,400rpm. It'll bring an 8MB cache, 24dB whine when idle, 2W power consumption, and 12-ms average seek time when it hits later in the month. According to Samsung, that makes this the largest 2.5-inch disk in a 9.5-mm profile -- whatever. The newly announced 1.8-inch SpinPoint N2 however, brings a world's first 120GB capacity to portable handheld devices like UMPCs (pictured) and perhaps -- if Sammy is real lucky -- future iPods. As such, the N2 spins at 3,600rpm or 4,200rpm with a 15-ms average seek and sub-1W power consumption to help keep your portable device, portable. Production of the 1.8-incher begins in July although we're pretty sure they're already providing samples to OEMs. Hear that Apple? Your 80GB iPod is starting to smell a bit stale. At least toss in a 100GB Toshiba disk for all those movies you're trying to sell us.