Reserve your hot Halo weapons at Hot Topic

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Reserve your hot Halo weapons at Hot Topic
Much to the delight of emo Halo 3 fanboys everywhere, Hot Topic has begun taking pre-orders on the Halo 3 replica Covenant weaponry from Jasman Toys. For those unaware of these toys replicas, they feature laser tag functionality and are supposed to behave in the same manner as their digital counterparts. For example, the plasma pistol features a "super shot" mode and the exhaust on the plasma rifle will open when it "overheats." Both replicas also feature accurate sound effects and recoil. You'd better really love Halo (or laser tag) though, because the plasma pistol alone will set you back 70 bones. The plasma rifle costs nearly twice as much at $120. For that much money you could just buy Halo 3. Hell, you could almost afford the Legendary Edition. Still, if the plasma pistol exhaust port pops open after a charged shot, we might just pick one up when they release next month.

[Thanks, john kirkpatrick]
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