The console war summed up in imperfect analogies

Kyle Orland
K. Orland|09.05.07

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Kyle Orland
September 5th, 2007
The console war summed up in imperfect analogies
Analogies help us make sense of life. They can take a complex, confusing set of variables and couch them in familiar terms. So for instance, when a major publisher compares the Wii to "two Gamecubes duct taped together," the listener gets a clear picture of the unfamiliar system vis a vis the familiar purple box. Complexity simplified!

Nintendo's George Harrison has a different analogy in mind to describe his system, though. In an interview with eclectic financial site The Motley Fool, Harrison compared the Wii to a hybrid competing against two SUVs with "big new chrome rims." While all three are technically cars, Harrison argues, the markets for each aren't likely to overlap much. "Two companies are going in one direction, and we're headed in another," Harrison summed up.

While he's definitely right on that last point, we're not sure the hybrid/SUV comparison is the most apt analogy to describe the current console wars. Here's a few other contenders we've managed to come up with:
  • A nutritious Apple (the Wii) vs. two heart-clogging double bacon cheeseburgers.
  • A pea-shooter vs. two rocket-propelled grenade launchers.
  • A $99 suit vs. two custom-tailored Giorgio Armanis
  • A Casio digital watch vs. two diamond-encrusted Rolexes.
These are just off the top of our heads. We're sure you can do better. Leave us your favorite Wii vs. the world analogies in the comments.

[Via Aussie-Nintendo]
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