Where the hell is the 3G iPhone for Europe? We might know.

The only thing more slippery than an iPhoneSIMFree release date has to be the magically, mystical 3G iPhonerumored for Europe. At least with the latter, Apple has been kind enough to drop a few dreggy hints. Add 'em all up and Apple Expo -- kicking off September 25th -- seems to be the prime time for Apple to announce a new flagship 16GB, 3G iPhone. Don't believe it? Check this:

  • Berlin's IFA show is over with nay a peep from Apple or from the major European carriers about a European iPhone, even though the deals seem pretty well sewn-up.

  • Apple's current top-o-the-line 8GB iPhone just received a remarkable $200 drop in price. That opens the door for another iPhone priced at what's been proven to be a consumer-acceptable, $599 price point.

  • That $200 easily buys Apple a total of 16GB of NAND flash (about $70 for the extra 8GB) like that found in their new iPod touch as well as a tri-band HSDPA radio with plenty of profit left over.

  • Apple told us during the Q3 fiscal call that more information about the European iPhone would be made available at the end of their current -- big product transition -- fiscal quarter which ends September 30th.

  • Apple Expo has seen the launch of the redesigned iMac G5 and other Apple products in the past.

Pretty strong case eh? Of course, we're only speculating, but we're not alone. In fact, 9to5Mac who burst onto the rumor scene recently with their nano "fatty" and iPod touch details was humming a similar tune just a few weeks ago. Apple Expo kicks off in 20 days, anybody else booking their flights?

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