Make some great WoW art, win TCG Art Cards from WoW Insider

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|09.06.07

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Mike Schramm
September 6th, 2007
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Make some great WoW art, win TCG Art Cards from WoW Insider

We've seen some amazing World of Warcraft fan art out there, and considering what fans we at WoW Insider are not only of WoW, but of what its community is capable of, we're holding a contest to find two amazing art pieces. Upper Deck has provided us with two Art Card sets (one Alliance and one Horde, pictured above), including 35 8x10" art cards, a special playable foil card, and a card redeemable for 1,000 points at Upper Deck's UDE rewards site (where you can get actual in-game items as well, including an Ogre Suit!).

To win, just submit a digital scan of an original piece of WoW fan art to our contests email,, before September 20th (so two weeks from today). It can be whatever you want-- an ingame NPC, your own character, a scene from Azeroth or its history-- just as long as it's original and it's yours. Then, on September 20th, we'll post the winners, and the best Horde piece will win the Horde Art Card set, and the best Alliance piece will win the Alliance version.

We're rewarding art for art's sake here at WoW Insider, so get out those pencils, crayons, paints, or whatever other medium you want to use, and send us a copy of your piece at, and you could be chosen as the best Horde or Alliance artist around.

A few rules apply (as always), and they are found right here. The short version: must be over 17 (13 with parents' permission), and must be a US resident (sorry, EU folks, legal's decision on this one). To make things easy, please include your name, age, mailing address, and email address in your email to us, and you can attach your art as a JPG file in your email.

That's it-- good luck! Get us your art by September 20th to win the rare Art Card set!
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