Prolink intros PixelView PlayTV Media Box

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Prolink intros PixelView PlayTV Media Box
It may not boast the most original design or feature set, but Prolink's just-announced "PixelView PlayTV Media Box" looks like it should nonetheless handle your basic media recording needs just fine. Somewhat interestingly, this one doesn't pack any storage of its own, relying instead on SD cards or an external USB hard drive (both of which are hot swappable), which should help to keep the cost down quite a bit (no price has been announced). Otherwise, you'll get some basic PVR functionality, along with multi-channel preview of up to nine channels, a one-button recording feature, and recording profiles for a range of devices including iPod and PSP. Still no word on a release date, but we wouldn't expect it to be too far off.

[Thanks, Eric]
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