Ugobe announces Pleo delay, cut in production by 50%

Bad news for the cuddly adorable dino-robot hopeful in the audience, Ugobe is announcing yet another Pleo delay today, this time due to a battery issue. Not only will Pleo hatch another month late (from October into late November), Ugobe is also estimating some 50% drop in the initially planned population of Pleos, thanks to the current design's internal battery temperature safety cutoff, which has the undesirable side effect of preventing a full charge. Ugobe is moving the battery charging off-board in order to ensure owners expecting an hour of Pleo play time won't wind up with 30 or 45 minutes, but this comes at the expense of time and killing off half the initial Pleo population. Fortunately, those who pre-ordered Pleos should be in the clear getting their dinobot, but the holiday scarcity issue is a little scary for the rest of us who didn't account for the possibility of yet another jacked-up eBay Christmas.