The things Apple didn't announce

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Paul Miller
September 18, 2007 6:21 AM
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The things Apple didn't announce

Yeah, Apple fired a warning shot in Europe with this morning's O2 announcement, but there's sure a lot more on our minds that Apple didn't address at the mini press conference. Here are some of them in convenient bullet point form. The things Apple didn't announce today:
  • Which carrier will be carrying the iPhone in France (we hear it's Orange).
  • Which carrier will be carrying the iPhone in Germany (we hear it's T-Mobile, or maybe Vodafone).
  • Is O2 seriously paying out 40% of plan revenue for exclusivity?
  • Why anyone will pay for flat rate data when only 30% of the UK will be using EDGE.
  • 3G iPhone.
Got anything to add? Let it all out in the comments. Rumor is the Germany announcement could come tomorrow, followed by France on Thursday, with T-Mobile and Orange doing the respective honors, but we would've rather gotten all this hashed out today and a little more sleep the rest of this week.
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