Army of Two trailer features 9-11 imagery

Justin McElroy
J. McElroy|09.19.07

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Justin McElroy
September 19th, 2007
We've got to be honest, when we heard that a new trailer for Army of Two featured imagery from the attacks of Sept. 11, we were a little nervous. After all, the last time gaming and 9-11 were mixed, the results were ... well, for fear of getting our lights punched out, let's say less than stellar. But after watching this trailer, we were actually kind of impressed.

In the first place, it's kind of nice to see the subject being dealt with. It's something we all know about, all experienced, why shouldn't the medium deal with it? But it's still pretty gutsy to bring it up. We're not sure why that's still the way of things, but kudos to EA for stepping up. Also impressive is how it's dealt with. Images don't smack you in the face, it's never sensationalized, it's just two guys (who just happen to be mercenaries) having the same experience that millions of us did that morning. It is (dare we say it?) tasteful.

... Now, about those tampons.
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