Rogers releases WM6-equipped Palm Treo 750

AT&T customers still have a grueling wait ahead of them (apparently) for an official Windows Mobile 6 update to their Treo 750s, but our buddies north of the border are on the ball. Canada's GSM grandpappy, Rogers, has finally gotten around to launching the device -- a bit late, yes, but with Windows Mobile 6 and enabled HSDPA out of the gate. Normally we'd say the timing sucks with a newer product having just launched overseas, but let's be honest: between the Treo 500 and the 750, we're sure there are still plenty of folks willing to take the older model. Pick it up now for $599 CAD (about $584) on a two-year contract, or a far more palatable $249 CAD (about $243) on a three-year.

[Via the::unwired]