Ben Heck crams wireless Xbox 360 controller into original Xbox controller

Yeah, we doubt that summary rolled off the average tongue, but regardless, modder extraordinaire Ben Heck has managed to stuff the guts of an Xbox 360 wireless controller into the frame of an original Xbox controller. Often dubbed "The Duke," the massive device actually proved rather hard to work with, though one may assume that you could actually cram the entire Xbox 360 into this beast with all that room. Nevertheless, the final product actually looks fairly unscathed, save for the tiny, recessed Sync button on the rear, the added Guide button on the front and the headset port at the base, but it sounds like this may be the only one to ever be created by the hands of Mr. Heck. You know what that means -- get your bid in or live with unimaginable regret.

[Via Coolest-Gadgets]