DS Fanboy presents: Game Night 9/20/07

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David Hinkle
September 20th, 2007
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DS Fanboy presents: Game Night 9/20/07
Last week we didn't have that good of a showing as far as Game Nights are concerned. This week, though, we want to fix that. So, if you are planning on ditching tonight's Game Night, know this: we will find you. We will emerge from a bush or a dark closet within your close vicinity and ask you why you didn't show up.

We then might even throw a tantrum.

And the people have spoken! Tonight's theme game is none other than Metroid Prime Hunters. Of course, just because they were voted doesn't mean you have to play them. There'll be plenty of folk there without these games, looking to play other Wi-Fi compatible titles. The only way to find out what people are playing is to show up.

Before getting in on the action, however, you're going to want to download an IRC client (we use mIRC). As usual, we'll be meeting up in a chat room set up by reader ConstyXIV. The server is irc.freenode.net and the room we'll be in is #dsfanboy. Remember to be in the chat at 7PM EST (to find out what time that is for you, check this out) to take part in the carnage! Come early to get friend codes if you haven't been with us in past weeks, and check this topic for those which get added in the comments.
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