HDMI Licensing exec explains cable differences

Steven Kim
S. Kim|09.21.07

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Steven Kim
September 21, 2007 3:07 PM
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HDMI Licensing exec explains cable  differences
HDMI logoIn an interview, Steve Venuti, HDMI Licensing VP of Marketing, tried to explain the differences between various HDMI cables. We've covered this topic before, and we're with most of you in being, lets say, 'highly skeptical' about any real differences. But Venuti does make some good points. For example, he clarifies that HDMI Licensing does not include any durability testing (we wish they would, especially on the connectors). He also talks about "future proofing" your purchases with cables that are certified beyond minimum specs, citing 1440p as an example. While this is a great concept, paying a premium for cables that are rated to 1440p doesn't make a lot of sense when you'll have to buy all new displays, players and content to get 1440p. Other than that, Venuti doesn't provide specifics about what 'better performance' is when he says "... you may want a cable that will perform better." We'll stay in the 'highly skeptical' camp for now, thanks.
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