WRUP: let's count edition

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WRUP: let's count edition

Boys and girls, today's edition of What Are You Playing is brought to you by the number 4. Can you count to 4? Sure, I knew you could. What special things can we learn about the number 4 today. Let's see. 4, as in the number of players allowed in Halo 3's online co-op. 4, as in the number of cases of beer and/or Red Bull and/or tacos you will need to fuel your upcoming Halo 3 binge. 4, as in the minimum number of days you'll need to call in "sick" in order to maximize your enjoyment of Halo 3. 4, as in the number of days left until the release of Halo 3. See, learning can be fun.

Unfortunately, 4 is also the number of days that most of us won't be playing Halo 3. In other words, everyone but a select few (both sanctioned and unsanctioned by MS) will have to find something else to play over the weekend. So, what will you be playing this weekend, neighbor?

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X3F Gamertags:
Richard Mitchell -- SenseiRAM
Dustin Burg -- SuperDunners
David Dreger -- Knuckles Dawson

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