Apple's iPod classic experiencing issues of its own?

If you were considering picking up one of Apple's capacious new iPod classics whilst casually snickering at those poor saps dealing with faulty screens on the iPod touch, you could be in for problems of your own. According to a number of reports around the web, users are experience a myriad issues with the new player, including high processor utilization, excruciatingly long connect / disconnect times, and random crashes that seemed to occur when the device attempted to "display preview images taken from album cover art." Some users are also reporting that iTunes will actually "freeze up and stop responding" after the classic is plugged in, and attempts to install firmware updates have apparently not remedied the issues. So, dear readers, how's your iPod classic faring? Are these quibbles legit, or is the intarweb working itself into an unsubstantiated frenzy?

[Thanks, Rahul B.]
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