Barker lays smackdown on Ebert about games not being art

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Alexander Sliwinski
September 27th, 2007
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Barker lays smackdown on Ebert about games not being art

Speaking with Scott Steinberg on the latest Digital Trends podcast, horror guru Clive Barker calls Roger "game's can't be high art" Ebert a "pompous, arrogant old man" and says "he's not going to stop us from making games or enjoying them or... making them art." Barker even says that he planned to write a nasty letter to Ebert, but then backed down after discovering Ebert had cancer. Well, at least Barker has a heart and isn't completely about ripping them out while they're still beating.

Barker goes on to say that he thinks one day games will be viewed as art just like old Disney animated films are now. There's a lot more in the podcast about the topic. We're not that concerned about the "games as art" debate because we're sure in time the critics will come around. Although we're not too sure if Barker's Jericho would be on that art list before Shadow of the Colossus or Katamari Damacy.

[Via GameDaily]
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