Jericho finds no salvation or rating in Germany

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Alexander Sliwinski
September 26th, 2007
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Jericho finds no salvation or rating in Germany

The Unterhaltungssoftware Selbskontrolle (USK), the German version of the ESRB, is not rating the upcoming first-person shooter-horror game Jericho and therefore it's practically banned in the country. We've gotten used to this with the Germans, the same fate was bestowed upon Gears or War and Dead Rising, although The Darkness made some changes to become acceptable.

Given what we've seen of Jericho, it was probably the violence and gore that made it receive the un-rating. At least this might bring a little bit of attention to the game which Codemasters seems to be putting almost no effort in promoting -- which is par for the course by the publisher. Like we said before, as long as the squad AI holds up in the game, we saw potential in the title. The game releases at the end of October, Germans can hop in their car and take a quick drive to another country for their copy. We hear Austria is lovely that time of year, have a cup of gluvine for us while you're there.

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