More "New Newton" rumors

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Dave Caolo
September 26, 2007 1:30 PM
More "New Newton" rumors
What's more annoying than Chocolate Rain and the pointless Kid Nation uproar? The incessant "Apple is coming out with a new Newton" rumors.

Here's one from 2003

"...There's good reason to believe that a jazzy new Newton II will be forthcoming, perhaps in January" (Yup, that's our good friend John Dvorak).

Another from 2004:

"...[A US company] 'approached Apple willing to buy [the] Newton and relaunch it. They are in ... negotiations with Apple...'"

I think we all remember - and would like to forget - the iWalk.

Today, AppleInsider is beating this decrepit, old horse. According to their
"well-respected sources," a team has been very busy at Apple building a multi-touch handheld successor to the Newton. Sure. In other news, everyone who paid $7500 for a Twentieth Anniversary Mac will receive $100 Apple Store credit, OJ Simpson is Steve Job's personal hitman and the next AppleTV will play Pippin games.

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