iPod touch gets updated to 1.1.1, too

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iPod touch gets updated to 1.1.1, too
It looks like the iPhone's not the only touchscreen-based Apple device getting an update today, with the iPod touch now also moving on up to version 1.1.1. While it's yet to be confirmed, some users at the MacRumors forums are reporting that the update (which clocks in at a hefty 150MB) actually fixes some of the screen problems that users have been experiencing on the device -- still no calendar editing though. For its part, Apple only describes the update as containing "bug fixes," although touch users needn't go very far to see exactly what that entails, with the update now available though iTunes.

Update: This also fixes the iPod touch unlocking issues for those of you trying to sync with non-English version of Microsoft Windows in Japan and beyond.
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