GameDaily estimates Halo 3 sold 2.48 mil units day one

And now a reading from the book of GameDaily, who presents their breakdown of the Halo 3 sales. Using the knowledge of $170 million made figure by Microsoft and checking with retail sources, they used some fancy arithmetics to get themselves statistics. According to their source for "every four standard copies sold, two limited edition copies and one legendary edition is sold." Meaning the percentages are 14% Legendary, 29% Limited (or Scratched edition) and 57% Standard. They figure the breakdown is:

  • Standard edition: 1,600,000

  • Limited edition: 694,000

  • Legendary edition: 187,000

GameDaily concludes that 2.48 million units sold on day one. Hopefully we'll get the full numbers from Microsoft in the near future for those who love themselves some statistics. So, who wants to start poking holes in the estimates first?

[Thanks NJkid1]