Halo 3: Hunting for Hayabusa armor

Dustin Burg
D. Burg|09.28.07

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Halo 3: Hunting for Hayabusa armor
The guys over at The Xbox Domain posted a helpful little chart for Halo 3 players who want to unlock the various Halo armor permutations and just don't know how. The chart shows a preview of each armor variation and explains what you must do to unlock each armor piece. It's quite the nice informative guide. But there is still one mystery that has yet to be solved fanboys, because the sexy samurai Hayabusa helmet has yet to be found. Actually, it's universally accepted that the Hayabusa armor will be unlocked once the player has found all 13 Halo skulls, but that's where the problem lies. There is one elusive skull named "I Would Have Been Your Daddy" that nobody has found yet (Bungie brags that it's the hardest to find) and is supposedly the last key to unlocking the Hayabusa armor. So, if you're all about being famous within' the Halo community, find the last skull, unlock the Hayabusa armor, wear it proud and be the envy of all.
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