Flickr Find: Lehigh Valley Apple Store grand opening

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|10.01.07

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Flickr Find: Lehigh Valley Apple Store grand opening

The Lehigh Valley Apple Store opened its doors yesterday in Whitehall, Pennsylvania, and TUAW readers were there with cameras in hand. Mike Hoff sent a whole flickr set of pics from the event, including pics of those trendy geniuses, and all the blessed souls who made the journey to stand in the awe of a brand new Apple Store. Ron also sent us photos as well, and while pulling up Photo Booth is fun, I always like to leave TUAW on the screen whenever I'm at the Apple Store. Y'know, like a little hint.

And Ryan Joseph sent not only his flickr set of pics, but a firsthand account of the happenings-- apparently the Apple opening got a little spillover from a Pottery Barn opening, and vice versa. Good thing the two were separated before anything serious happened-- we could have seen Mac Pros outfitted with their own accented lighting before the day was through. Ryan also grabbed what sounds like a cool tshirt (which he didn't show off in the flickr set!) that says "Designed by Apple in California." I'm confused-- does that mean they designed the shirt, or the person inside it?

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!
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