Napoleon Dynamite screens are (insert catchphrase here)

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Napoleon Dynamite screens are (insert catchphrase here)
When we received a press release containing Napoleon Dynamite screenshots, we immediately loaded up our Snark Guns with fresh supplies of venom and bile, ready to fire a wide spread of lulz out into the Internet. It's a licensed minigame collection! Based on a movie that came out in 2004! That should never have been made into a video game! It was going to be a rare opportunity to hate like we've never hated before. MORE LIKE NAPOLEON DUD AMIRITE, we were going to say.

But our Snark Festa ended a little too soon when we saw the screenshots and realized that we sort of respected what Crave was doing with the game. Some of the minigames look a little iffy (like what appears to be dodge ball controlled entirely with the touch screen), and the whole thing seems to be too dancing-based, but damned if they didn't use an intriguing art style.

The results aren't always the prettiest, but any game that uses a mixture of pencil-on-paper and photo collage is at least a little bit cool. Man, we wanted to be too cool for this game, but we just couldn't help it. And, uh, we kind of want to play a minigame about throwing food into a llama's mouth.

[Via press release]
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