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Samsung pulls plug on BDP-2400, delays BD-UP5000

Samsung pulls plug on BDP-2400, delays BD-UP5000
Steven Kim
Steven Kim|October 1, 2007 12:57 PM
Samsung cancels BDP-2400, delays BD-UP5000Bad news from Samsung today: the high-end BDP-2400 Blu-ray deck has been cancelled, and the dual format BD-UP5000 has been delayed. The linked article speculates that the BDP-2400 has fallen victim to the transition to BD 1.1 spec, which occurs on October 31. Worst of all, mum's the word on when/whether Samsung plans on making a 1.1 spec player available. For those who didn't have their heart set on Blu-ray, the bad news is that Samsung has delayed their dual format BD-UP5000 player until December. The silver lining to this December delay could be twofold: the unit will be at least up to BD 1.1 spec conformance; and now this unit's arrival might coincide with your holiday wishlist.
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