Xero Mobile in yet another round of acquisition talks

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|10.01.07

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Xero Mobile in yet another round of acquisition talks
The fact that former Gizmondo peeps are still associated with the vaporware artists at Xero Mobile would send most would-be investors sprinting in the opposite direction, we'd think, but what do we know? After announcing a series of stock swaps, partnerships with companies we've never heard of (whose execs just happen to be on Xero's management team), and failed buyouts, ROK Entertainment Group -- which offers video downloads to phones, apparently -- has inexplicably announced an interest in acquiring the perpetual hype machine. If we had to guess, we'd figure that there's some sort of shady business deal going on behind the scenes that lets parties involved make yet another obscene profit without actually launching any actual product, but we've gotta ask: just how many times can the same team of scam artists run the same con and continue to pad their wallets without getting busted? All we need to see, Xero, is a functional website where we can sign up for one of your ad revenue-subsidized plans you've been touting for ages, and we'll start to believe. Honest!
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