Bladestorm demo storms XBLM Thursday [update]

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Richard Mitchell
October 2nd, 2007
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Bladestorm demo storms XBLM Thursday [update]

[Update: It seems our cynicism got the best of us. Turns out that Bladestorm isn't the hundredth hack n' slash war game from KOEI. It's more akin to the Kingdom Under Fire series actually (which is now becoming a hack n' slash in a bizarre coincidence). While you do hack and slash your enemies, you have more direct control over your various troops. As punishment for our ignorance, we will subject ourselves to three days of Full House reruns.]

No, it's not the long awaited console port of BloodStorm, it's Bladestorm, another hack n' slash fest from KOEI. According to CVG, a demo for the game should hit Marketplace on Thursday. Taking a break from the seemingly endless conflicts of ancient China, Bladestorm centers around the Hundred Years War of Europe and stars a few historical celebrities like Jeanne D'Arc. Lest you are unfamiliar with KOEI's war games, you'd best prepare yourself to hit the X button a lot. Every once in a while you may be expected to hit the Y button as well. So, um, start practicing.

[Via Joystiq]
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