Microsoft's new Zune 2 line: new details, due ever so soon

The official announcement is still pending, but at least one early AP report confirms tomorrow's (or tonight's) Zune 2 launch will include a slimmer, black 80GB player with a 3.2-inch screen, as well as 8 and 4GB flash players (duh), all apparently capable of WiFi sync of music, movies, and photos (something the iPhone and iPod touch still don't do). More as we get it. Of course, without a video store or the ability to play anything other than WMV, video on both new Zune 2 devices is still trivial, so we'll cross our fingers Microsoft gave their customers a hand here and put some decent codecs in this time around.

Also, on the more rumor side of the spectrum, Silicon Alley Insider has it that he 4GB will start at $150, with the 8GB at $200, and the 80GB at $250, and that Microsoft will also launch is overdue DRM-free music store (although we've no idea how that will play out for Zune to Zune song sharing).

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