Microsoft's 4GB / 8GB flash-based Zunes revealed by FCC

Darren Murph
D. Murph|10.02.07

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Microsoft's 4GB / 8GB flash-based Zunes revealed by FCC

Well, would you look at this. Thanks to the oh-so-disclosing FCC website, we're now seeing drawings of what looks to be 4GB and 8GB versions of Microsoft's forthcoming flash-based Zunes. Sure enough, the pictures match the leaked photos from yesterday to a T, so it shouldn't be long before these things get officially official. Additionally, the documentation includes what appears to be a matching Zune FM transmitter module and dock, which is pictured after the jump for your enjoyment. Hold tight kids, the new Zunes are nearly here.

UPDATE: Looks like these bad boys should also have built-in WiFi (likely 802.11b/g enabled) courtesy of a Marvel 88W8686 chipset.

[Via Technabob, thanks Daniel G.]
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