Reader WoWspace of the Week: 2.3 WoWspaces!

Krystalle Voecks
K. Voecks|10.03.07

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Krystalle Voecks
October 3rd, 2007
Reader WoWspace of the Week: 2.3 WoWspaces!
No, this week I'm not featuring WoWspaces that have lots of good information or reaction on the upcoming patch. Considering we're featuring oodles of 2.3 news lately, I thought it would be fun to show off 2.3 WoWspaces. (I'll let you figure out which one is the .3 of a WoWspace) These are some of the generally off-the-beaten-desk variety pictures that we get. That said, on with the show!

The first WoWspace this week (pictured above) features one thing we haven't seen featured in a WoWspace until this week -- feet! This WoWspace belongs to Bork. He writes:

While playing WoW on a TV is not a new idea, It did take me quite a while to get it to the point where I wasn't leaning over my coffee table the whole time -- at least, not without a big ugly book for a mouse pad. I had to scale up the interface in the config so I could actually read the tiny text in the interface. (the GUI stops you at one) Bartender 3 also helped since scaling up the interface made the bars render off the side of the screen.

I have my keyboard all taped up to a product from I tried many things but this was the lightest and easiest. I also couldn't stand gaming with the wireless products out there so I have a standard wired keyboard and mouse (lots more blue tape holding it down to the carpet).

Anyway, just wanted to share in case someone else is trying to get this to work in their living room. I actually gave up and moved everything into my bedroom twice because of a sore back, but now it works well.

For those who are interested in the other non-traditional WoWspaces for this week, click on the link below and let's continue on!
This second WoWspace is spartan (not the dining-in-hell variety) because of a recent move on the part of Skalgrim and his wife Arlen who share these machines and their roving WoWspace together. As such, there's not a great deal to look at currently, but the letter was sweet.

I see some amazing setups on this feature of yours, but I thought I'd submit mine for a change of pace :) My wife and I moved to the UK some months ago and it wasn't practical to bring our PCs (we also gave up our WoW USA accounts and started fresh on Aggramar, EU). When we arrived we ordered two custom built Alienware laptops. We have a bunch of 70's between us but, pictured here are my 70 Priest and my wife's 70 Mage.

For me, I got an Alienware Aurora m9700 and she got an Area 51 m9750. Both have been highly customized with better graphic cards, extra memory and better screens. Mine is 'bigger' purely because I use it for work as well - she uses hers only for WoW.

We haven't finished building an office or anything, so our laptops live on the dining room table together. As I said, really nothing special compared to some, but each laptop performs wonderfully and gives us the added bonus we can play anywhere in the apartment together!


And for this week's final WoWspace, I give you one straight from the "what?" category. I have to admit, I've been trying to think of a way to feature this one since it came in, but it has escaped me. Thus I give you this one as I got it, in all its... glory?

My friend Quinlanvos WoWs sometimes, literally in the rain. His WoWSpace is basically the balcony of our student apartments, next to some mops and brooms. His system unit is placed on the floor, and everything else is on the simple, small plastic table. He had been doing this for a year.

The reason for this rather strange arrangement is due to the wireless network in our house. Quinlanvos' wireless dongle couldn't receive a strong enough signal from the router in my room being that our four-room student apartment is rather long, and his room is on the far side of the house from mine. The balcony on the other hand, is right next to my room. So he bought himself a table, and moved.

Most days it is fine. Even when it is raining, the balcony faces inwards towards the walkway and elevator shaft, so he seldom gets much rain. However, on some days the wind blows differently, and his balcony gets a little flooded, so he plays with an umbrella behind, on wet floors and in a rather moist environment. Hardcore!

P.S. Quinlanvos says, "Notice the Yoda on my monitor kthx."

Yes, the Yoda on your monitor is very cool -- you can't generally go wrong with Star Wars. But my inner geek is screaming "Wet floor! Computer! Electonics! Rain! Nooooo!" Of course it then occurs to me -- I don't have to pay for his new computer. Yeeks!

So there you have it -- 2.3 WoWspaces to celebrate the recent 2.3 news! Next week we'll be back (in our regular time-slot) with even more WoWspaces to enjoy. As always, if you'd like to show off your WoWspace to the world, drop me a mail and some pictures with all the relevant info to Until then...uh... keep dry?
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