How would you change Dell's XPS m1330?

Believe it or not, Dell's sexy XPS m1330 ultraportable was unveiled to us way back in June of this year, which may not be all that notable if the Round Rock powerhouse would've had these things out to eager customers in a timely fashion. As it stands, one of Dell's most highly anticipated laptops (dare we say, ever?) spent the majority of its time in a cycle of perpetual delays. Once thought to be ready as early as July 10th, the wee machine was spotted exclusively from the sidelines by eager customers for months on end, and while most fanboys (and girls) easily swallowed the first setback, the subsequent holdups garnered more and more objections. Even after Dell finally got its act (and paint guns) together, the XPS m1330 had its image tainted further by arriving to one user's home only partially built.

Currently, it seems that the ruckus surrounding the shiny PC has finally calmed, and most customers who've placed their orders in the not-too-distant past are receiving them sans an unbearable wait. But for the folks who were sold from the word go, you've earned the right to be extra critical of the oft-delayed lappie. As respectable as the specifications (and for that matter, the design) on the XPS m1330 are, we just have to believe that it has managed to lose some luster after being so late to its own party. After all these months, now's your chance to explain how you would change things. Would you have simply axed the reportedly troublesome Pearl White hue from the start? How about adding a high-definition optical drive? Or is your only desire to beat down Michael Dell's door and demand a Jobsian refund for the trouble? The floor is yours.