Long-awaited Nike Amp+ remote wristband finally on sale

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Michael Rose
October 6th, 2007
Long-awaited Nike Amp+ remote wristband finally on sale
Has it really been nearly a year since the Nike Amp+ wristband remote first appeared on the pages of Men's Health, teasing us with its polyurethane smugness? Sure, back in August the FCCians caught wind of it, but no joy for shoppers... until now. (Nike Store requires Flash, FYI)

The futuristic wrist remote (vaguely Logan's Run-looking to me, but I am not an industrial designer) shows the time in bright red LEDs which also double as indicators for the iPod controls immediately below. Snazzy!

If you're using your iPod Nike+ Sport kit for its intended purpose, exercise/running, the Amp+ can also provide immediate voice feedback on distance, calories burned, workout duration, and all that other stuff that runners find somehow motivational.

If you or someone you care about picks up an Amp+, let us know.
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