Delicious Monster previews Library 2 web export

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Michael Rose
October 6th, 2007
Delicious Monster previews Library 2 web export
Want to show the world the contents of your bookshelves? David C. at Infinite Loop previewed the much-anticipated Delicious Library 2's HTML export feature, which you can see in demo form over at Delicious Monster's site. With lovely sliding panels and gorgeous book covers, the web export looks like it will live up to the graphical standard set by the original Delicious Library.

I'm very much looking forward to DL2, which as previously noted will be Leopard-only. Delicious Library is still the app I launch when I want someone new to the Mac to enjoy the feeling of having their jaw hit the floor.

Worthy of note: the current preview site, which works fine in Safari 3 and also apparently on the iPhone, doesn't behave as expected in Firefox 2 (no detail panels).
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