Writer drops details about Gears of War movie

Kevin Kelly
K. Kelly|10.06.07

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Writer drops details about Gears of War movie
GamePro has an exclusive interview up with Stuart Beattie, writer of the forthcoming Gears of War movie. He's been tapped for the job since he did a bang-up job writing the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie. It's too bad they didn't use him for the sequels, because they were ... craptastic.

He drops some interesting details about the upcoming film, including the fact that 300 ain't too bad of a reference movie, "That film was shot completely on green screen, which is amazing when you actually see the film. It's probably how we're going to do Gears of War."

Beattie will be pouring himself into the job apparently, "I hope it's extremely collaborative. From my point of view it's definitely going to be, because I'm going to be riding their asses about it." Personally we don't care whose ass he rides, as long as a good movie comes out of it.

He's no stranger to video games either, as he's writing the Spy Hunter movie adaptation, and also recently wrote a sequel to The Getaway game for Sony. He's even bummed that Disney didn't bring him in to work on the Pirates video game: "I wish they had called because I could've helped them on that. That was a crappy game. I could've made a really cool game with Pirates. They just don't know the potential of that game. They could've made as much money on that game as they did in the movie. A film that successful they could've easily done $300 million in videogame sales if they had made a good game."

Here's hoping he's still got some magic left in the pen and / or keyboard. He wrote Collateral, which isn't a bad movie at all. Plus he has 30 Days of Night coming out soon, and between those two, we're sold.
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