Viva Piata toys are latest spawn from Microsoft, BK love in

Jason Dobson
J. Dobson|10.09.07

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If last year's advergaming love affair between Microsoft and Burger King made you at all uncomfortable, you might want to leave the room, because the pair are at it again, though this time things are are a lot less interactive, and a bit more, well, plastic.

In the march up to the October 30 release of Microsoft's 'family friendly' party game-montage, Viva Piñata: Party Animals for the Xbox 360, Burger King has made available a collection of Viva Piñata toys for customers with kids in tow (or adults with more shelf space than sense). The set includes a total of eight different colorful toys, including Horstachio, Sparrowmint, Elephanilla, Fudgehog, Macaraccoon, Fizzlybear, Cocoadile and Goobaa, with each packed with a 'surprise in every piñata,' such as a flying disc or every parent's favorite, a kazoo. Advil not included.

[via Xbox 360 Fanboy]
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