GeoPic II geotags your Nikon shots, saves on battery

Geotagging kind of loses its appeal when it's cutting your battery life to ribbons, which is where GeoPic II comes in. The unit slides into your DSLR's hot shoe and embeds GPS information off of a SiRFstar III chip onto your photo's meta data, just like the competition, but what sets the GeoPic II apart is that in comparison to its predecessor, the unit get three times as much battery life, allowing you to tag a good many more photos. The device accomplishes this by only streaming GPS data to the camera when needed, which sounds like a given, but apparently took a good bit of R&D to pull off. There's no telling how this tech compares in power savings to NXP's swGPS, which was built with a similar purpose, but GeoPic II is available now for £200 ($408 US), while swGPS hasn't quite made it out of the labs just yet. GeoPic II is compatible with most Nikon DSLRs and the Fuji S5 Pro.