Ubiquiti creates the first commercial 700MHz WiFi card

Talk about wishful thinking. Ubiquiti -- a maker of wireless broadband gear we last saw breaking world records -- has announced the "world's first" 700MHz WiFi card, clearly hoping to get a head start on the feeding frenzy we all expect. The XR7, as it's called, is a compact radio module, which is built for the mini-PCI Type IIIA standard, has scalable channel bandwidths of 5 / 10 / 20 and 40 MHz, and 256-bit AES security. The company claims that the card can be a viable WiMAX replacement, as it's been tested for ranges of beyond 31 miles at rates of up to 50Mbps. No word on pricing or street date, mostly -- we suspect -- due to the fact that the frequency it operates on has yet to be made available. You'll know more when we do.

[Via dailywireless]