World record 5GHz WiFi connection spans 189 miles

Alright kids, time to put away the Pringles can and get serious about that inter-continental LAN party of yours, 'cause the Italian Center for Radio Activities (CISAR) is making you all look bad with its new world record. Stretching from Sardinia Island to Central Italy, the 189 mile connection ran on Ubiquiti's XtremeRange5 miniPCI module at 5Mbps, and used 35dBi 5GHz parabolic dish antennas to achieve the range. It's not exactly the furthest WiFi connection ever achieved, but it is the first to use the 5GHz frequency for 5Mbps speeds, and was purportedly a snap to set up with the Ubiquiti tech. It all seems almost silly in a world where we lose a few home WiFi bars when we take the laptop into the bathroom -- maybe it's time to do something about all that lead paint.