Nokia's N810 Internet Tablet, MOSH to debut soon?

We'll admit, the absolute last place we expected to find out about the N800 Internet Tablet's successor was an Island Def Jam press release, but hey, we'll take it. Turns out, a notice surrounding an upcoming bash just happened to reveal a tad too much about what would be featured there, as it clearly states that Nokia's N810 Internet Tablet will be showcased along with the outfit's mobile sharing service MOSH. Additionally, the "MOSH social sharing site technology will provide party guests with exclusive barcode mobile invites that will be scanned from their mobile phone," which sounds like all sorts of fun. Regardless, we're still categorizing all of this as a succulent rumor for the time being, but considering that the shindig is scheduled for October 23rd, we'd bet the official word is coming soon. Oh, and just in case the read link mysteriously goes down, a screen grab of the release is posted after the jump.

[Via InternetTabletTalk]