Peter Moore talks about EA, waxes poetic

Kevin Kelly
K. Kelly|10.16.07

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Peter Moore talks about EA, waxes poetic

Gametrailers has a pair of video interviews with Peter Moore in his new role as head of EA Sports. Watching these vids remind of exactly why we're going to miss him so much at Microsoft. However, it also gives us hope that EA will stop doing things like releasing mega-buggy versions of Madden upon unsuspecting masses. Or somewhat suspecting masses, at this point.

Anyhow, check out both parts of the video after the jump. It's worth it just for the eye-rolling from Moore when the interviewer calls him a "hero" to all the young gamers out there. He has a great view of the console war from both the publisher and manufacturer sides of the table, and near the end of part two, he talks about what's in store for the future at EA Sports. Namely, looking beyond only the North American market ... so expect more FIFA to come down the pipeline. And hopefully Scottish Caber Toss Challenge '09.

Peter Moore interview -- Part One

Peter Moore interview -- Part Two
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