Retailers list 360's Tomb Raider Anniversary for Oct. 23 release

Ludwig Kietzmann
L. Kietzmann|10.17.07

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Retailers list 360's Tomb Raider Anniversary for Oct. 23 release
If numerous online retailers are to be believed, the Xbox 360 version of Tomb Raider: Anniversary is set to arrive in the US next week on October 23rd. "But wait," you rudely interject, "wasn't there another version for that console?" Indeed, you quite clearly recall that Eidos announced its intention to digitally distribute Lara Croft assets -- that would be the game split into five separate episodes -- on the Xbox Live marketplace. The online chunks, functioning as add-ons to Tomb Raider: Legend, would amount to 2400 MS Points ($30) in total, a good $10 cheaper than the price retailers are currently appending to the standalone disc.

As the online episodes were initially scheduled for release in September, it inescapably follows that they've been delayed. The question is, "Until when?" While Eidos assures us that they're still in the pipeline, it's "still confirming dates for both versions and will release information on this asap." We'll keep you informed if and when we receive this mysterious asap containing the information.
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