Dash Express gets enhanced geo-feeds

Geo-caching and maps mashup nerds: sit up and take notice. The connected GPS hardware startup -- fresh off its redesign and FCC approval -- is coming clean some new geo-feeds integration, which will allow the device to pull up custom geoRSS / KML feeds of user-generated points of interest over its cellular connection, as well as provide integration with certain open-API geo-services like Zillow (which allows you to check the property value of homes in the area -- or on the street -- you and your Dash are in). It's a slightly mind-bending paradigm shift from the static-database-on-your-GPS points of interest usage model we're all used to, so think about it this way: if your standard POIs are now handled dynamically through Yahoo search on the Dash, consider geo-feeds a user-generated extension of that, giving you and your Dash the ability to locate destinations based on the input of online communities.