Joystiq interview: Silent Hill: Origin's Akira Yamaoka

Kevin Kelly
K. Kelly|10.23.07

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Kevin Kelly
October 23, 2007 9:31 PM
Joystiq interview: Silent Hill: Origin's Akira Yamaoka

Not quite as terrifying as the titles he's been working on, Akira Yamaoka sat down with us during E For All to give us a teensy bit of information about the upcoming Silent Hill: Origins, and what it took to bring the game to the PlayStation Portable. While he didn't tell us the secret to being scary on a much smaller screen, we imagine it'll mean a lot of OMG IN YOUR FACE moments and spooky noises. Perhaps they'll even tell people this is a game better enjoyed with headphones.

Check out the brief interview after the break.


So, what role do you play in the world of Silent Hill?

I oversee all parts of the Silent Hill franchise, and I also composed the music for Silent Hill: Origins.

When you were composing the music, did you take themes from the other games and rework them? Or did you compose entirely new music?

Well, the story of Silent Hill: Origins takes place before all of the other Silent Hill games. So, I decided to compose the music so that it has some of the atmosphere of the first Silent Hill.

Will this game ever go beyond the PSP to other platforms?

Right now it's only on the PSP, but if the customers or the market request other platforms, then I'll think about it.

What was the most challenging part of taking a game that has always been a console title and moving to a handheld system?

The main challenge was to keep terrifying players on the handheld. It's much easier to do that on the console. We adjusted the combat system so that all players can feel the horror.

Why is it easier to be scarier on a console? Just because of the screen size?

The biggest difference the screen size, yes. That makes everyone focus on what's going on. On a small screen, it's a bit harder to keep everyone focused on the world of Silent Hill. That was the biggest challenge.

So, have you been successful? Is this title as scary as the other Silent Hill games?

Yes, I'm very confident that we've done a good job and that players will be scared by this title. Silent Hill: Origins has some keys to understand the entire world of Silent Hill and the other games. Playing this game will help people better understand those mysteries.

What will you be working on next?

Next up will be Silent Hill V. I'm also working on some other games, and I'm thinking about producing a game on the next-gen consoles.

Well thanks for your time, and for scaring the pants off of us. We appreciate it.

No problem! Thank you.
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