China's Starsway touts potassium battery-powered PMP

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China's Starsway touts potassium battery-powered PMP
While the image above would suggest it's still a ways from being ready, China's Starsway Electronics is nonetheless now shopping its MP405B PMP around to potential customers, with it boasting at least one somewhat unique feature. That is a built-in kalium (or potassium) battery, which the company touts as "high-energy," although it isn't providing any details on what you can expect in terms of battery life or charging times. Apart from that, however, the player looks to be about as unremarkable as they come, with it boasting a 1.5-inch display, 128MB, 256MB, 512MB or 1GB of storage, and an integrated FM radio, among other standard features. No word on a price, but those looking to buy some en masse can contact Starsway directly to get things moving.

[Via PMP Today]
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