Leopard reviews coming in, usual suspects agree: it's all gravy

It's not like we really expected scathing, Apple-coring criticism from the likes of the same motley crew Apple supplied pre-release iPhones to (namely: Walt Mossberg of WSJ, David Pogue of NYT, and Ed Baig of USA Today, but where's Steven Levy?), but there's little doubt that if you don't have a distaste for all things Apple you're probably interested, if not pretty stoked about Leopard. (As it turns out, the landslide majority of Engadget readers are right in tune with that sentiment.) The gentleman's club agrees on a few key positives (Time Machine is like, zomg, so rad; Quick View and Spaces are great, and it's nice not to have to upgrade hardware to make the most of the new OS) and negatives (the new translucent menu bar disappoints, the four month delay in shipping Leopard was a bummer), and, of course, the bottom line that Leopard seems to be Apple's strongest OS to date -- and why shouldn't it be? This stuff isn't supposed to get worse with time, remember?

Read - Mossberg (thumbs up): it is an evolutionary, not a revolutionary, release, I believe it builds on Apple's quality advantage over Windows.
Read - Pogue (thumbs up): Leopard is powerful, polished and carefully conceived. Happy surprises, and very few disappointments, lie around every corner.
Read - Ed Baig (thumbs up): These and other features should satisfy new and old Mac fans. Leopard is one cool cat.
Read - Technology Review (thumbs up, kinda): "... people who are thriftier than I would probably do better to hold off on this update."