Mad Alchemists' potion provides extra elixirs for Alchemists

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|10.25.07

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Mad Alchemists' potion provides extra elixirs for Alchemists
You may have noticed a mention in the latest PTR notes to a pot called "Mad Alchemist's potion," which will actually require a certain alchemy level to consume, not just make. A lot of alchemists were wondering what this does-- considering the cool Engineering-only stuff we've seen lately, us alchemists could use a little pick-me-up. Nothing crazy-- I do admit that Engineers deserve lots of love-- but a little something to drown our sorrows in while watching Engies fly past on their new mounts.

And now, Drysc has revealed exactly what it is-- it'll be a "trainable alchemist-only rejuvenation potion" (which means it delivers health and mana), and will provide a random elixir buff to the drinker. And what's more, the elixir buff won't replace ones you already have on, so if we read this correctly, that's three elixir buffs for alchemists. Very nice. And the best part: it's cheap. Drysc reckons it's about a crystal vial and two ragveil. Start saving up your ragveil now-- when 2.3 hits, they'll be in high demand.

Players have already started tracking the random buffs given by the potion. Looks like a great little profession bonus for us alchemists.

Update: The potion is still hard to find on the servers, so we're not sure what the random buffs are yet. Eventually, I'm sure we'll know exactly that this thing does, but for now, all we know is that alchemists are getting a potion for themselves in 2.3.
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