Breakfast topic: Rarest hunter pets

Elizabeth Wachowski
E. Wachowski|10.31.07

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Breakfast topic: Rarest hunter pets

Sometimes it seems that in our rush to be different, we end up just like everyone else. You can see this every day at your local Hot Topic. In WoW, I tend to notice this in hunter pet choice. Some days it feels like every single hunter has a lynx from the Blood Elf starting area, or Humar the Pridelord, or a nifty-colored Warp Chaser. Where's the individuality?

So I've decided to ask the community what the rarest hunter pet model is out there. All the skins are available here on Petopia, if you need a visual reminder.

Hordeside, at least, I see a surprisingly small amount of tigers being leveled to 70. It's such a beautiful model, and so simple to obtain -- I'm shocked there aren't more out there. The plague-stricken animals, such as bears and boars, are also underrepresented -- maybe only Undead hunters would want undead pets?

In general, there aren't a ton of spiders, serpents, crabs and birds out there, except for lowbies with owls. But looking at the Petopia page, there are only two models that I've never seen a hunter with. The white carrion bird model can be found at the named mob Trachela in the Bone Wastes, and the pure white gorilla is only seen on a rare mob in Un'goro.

What do you think is the rarest hunter pet out there? Hunters, would you rather have an uncommon pet, or do you prefer the cats and wolves?

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