Libya's education ministry purchases 150,000 Classmate PCs

Darren Murph
D. Murph|10.31.07

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Libya's education ministry purchases 150,000 Classmate PCs
You may recall Libya's initial pledge to purchase 1.2 million low-cost lappies from OLPC, but some 12 months later, it looks like the nation's education ministry has given its business (for realz this time) to Intel and Microsoft. Reportedly, the country placed an order in August for 150,000 Classmate PCs, and deployment has just recently begun. Intel spokeswoman Agnes Kwan noted that Intel and Microsoft were "not subsidizing the price of the laptops," but she failed to mention exactly how much the Libyan education ministry was forking out for the machines. Furthermore, Kwan stated that Nigeria was also on board and should be placing an order of its own soon, but considering how sketchy these commitments have been in the past, we wouldn't hold our breath just yet.
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