Romance of the Three Kingdoms 2 freaks us out

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Romance of the Three Kingdoms 2 freaks us out
The new Romance of the Three Kingdoms game has online play, and that's ... pretty cool, if you can play Romance of the Three Kingdoms games. Which we can't, at all. We're plenty educated, and well-versed in gaming, and we can't figure that mess out. Looking at that screen full of tiny icons and numbers makes us appreciate the simple button-mashing found in the Dynasty Warriors spinoff series. The screens here apparently show different commands and combat situations, but it's all just tiny stuff and numbers and very serious portraits of Chinese historical figures.

Actually, the online thing is really cool. Insane Koei strategy games have their fanbases, and it must be great for the dedicated followers to be able to face off against one another. We want more varied online content for the DS. Even if it doesn't benefit us!
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